Deck the Halls!
Call or come in now and
We will have wreaths, and
garland the week of
Thanksgiving, and they
will be available through
December 24 while
supplies last.

In order for you to get the maximum life and enjoyment from your tree, we strongly recommend
the following care:

1.  Fill the water bucket immediately to the top.  Check water level several times a day.  We will
give your tree a fresh cut prior to delivering the tree, however, once the tree sits without water
for several hours it will seal and will no longer draw water into the tree regardless of whether or
not you add water.  Large trees can drink a lot of water, so check it morning and evening.

2.  If your tree is kept outside for a few days prior to bringing it into your home, hose down the
tree twice a day and keep the bucket full of water.  Conifers will actually drink through their

3.  Place a protective device, such as cardboard, plastic, etc under the legs of the tree stand.  
They are wrought iron and as such might rust and stain your carpet.

1.  We only guarantee day of delivery, we cannot guarantee the time of day the tree will be

All furniture must be moved prior to us delivering the tree.  A smooth easy approach should
be made available so the deliverymen can bring the tree inside without endangering
themselves or your household items.

3.  If you are not at home when we deliver your tree, we will leave it on your doorstep.  
Unfortunately, our schedule will not allow us to return to your home and bring your tree inside.  
So please plan to be there if you want the tree brought inside.

4.  Our deliverymen
will not remove their shoes in order to deliver your tree.  If carpets or
flooring are a concern, we suggest drop cloths be placed prior to delivery.

5.  If you wish a
tree trimmed to a certain height, it must be arranged at purchase.  We do not
have the proper equipment to re-cut your tree at your house.

7.  Please have
all pets, regardless of their demeanor, placed outside or in the garage before
delivery is to commence.  Remember, children will become excited when we deliver your tree.  
So please place them out of harm's way.

8.  Remember, our trees are coming in from the outdoors and they can be wet and/or dirty.

For the safety of our delivery personnel and your personal effects, we cannot deviate from
these rules and procedures.  Thank you again for letting us be of service and we wish you and
yours a happy holiday season.
  • Noble Fir (Abies procera) is America's most sought-after
    Christmas Tree.  It is the only variety of tree we carry!

Competitors' trees are grown at lower elevations in Oregon or
Northern California.

  • Our trees are grown in the volcanic ash of Mt. Saint Helens
  • The 2004 White House Christmas tree was selected from our
    vendor's trees.  (Sutter Hospital got the Runner-Up tree!)

  • It is a myth that the blue-colored trees came from the north side of
    the mountains and therefore didn't get as much sunlight as greener